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About the Presenter

Brad Van De Walle

Real estate agent for over 10 years, and sold over $1 billion in real estate.


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How to get the most from this webinar

Thank you for registering for my free training. I am going to show you how to close 25 deals in the next 6 months by hosting home buyer webinars. ​​​​​Make sure you have added the webinar date to your calendar and saved the link somewhere safe!

Watch from a Desktop or Laptop Computer - For the best viewing experience, we highly recommend ensuring you're on a computer or laptop rather than mobile.
Bring a pen and take notes!   We'll be sharing some amazing secrets during the presentation, so be prepared and bring a notepad and pen to jot down your ideas
Block out 1 hours for the full presentation - We'll run for around 1 hour, so block out that time so you can give the masterclass your full attention!
Switch off other distractions - I know that everyone's lives are busy and full of distractions, but I promise that if you switch off those distractions you'll benefit from this class
Learn how to exponentially scale your real estate business by hosting home buyer webinars.

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