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 Learn How To Generate Motivated Buyers & Sellers Within 90 Days Guaranteed

In this free training, we reveal why educating your local market is the most powerful marketing strategy out there. Learn how to get hundreds of attendees every single webinar, and convert them into high-quality appointments/consultations.

Hundreds of Registrants – The little-known advertising framework to generate hundreds of webinar registrants (local home buyers) for as little as $1 per lead.

Attendance – How to achieve a 70% attendance rate on your webinars with effective drip campaigns reminders.

Perfect Webinar Slideshow– Hosting an informational webinar is key, we reveal how to keep them engaged for over an hour.

Consultations On Autopilot– How to convert attendees into appointments on your webinar, and have your calendar booked with an abundance of appointments.

4.75 out of 5 stars (127 reviews)


Real Estate businesses who have taken our training and thriving with webinars:

4.75 out of 5 stars (127 reviews)

Brad B., CA

"The webinar approach is much more positive than any lead generation I’ve ever done. People are really excited to begin working with me after the webinar. I currently have 3 deals lined up worth a total of 2 million dollars in deal value."

April W., GA

“I couldn’t believe it, we booked 74 appointments after the webinar and got 10 pre-approved buyers. This is a phenomenal system.”

Ralph O., VA

"We had 230 people register for the webinar with over 100 attendees. I ended up receiving over 50 appointments from the first webinar and a loan approval not even 24 hours later.”

Lewis H., TX

“This exceeded my expectations. I hosted webinars on my own in the past and only 39 people showed up. With your help we had 70 people show up and booked 30 appointments from our first webinar.”

Rachel A., AK

“From one webinar, I received 3 applications and my first pre-approved buyer who is ready to buy now.”

Jared S., FL

"From my first home buyer webinar, I received 12 appointments which I'm on par to close 2-3 of them. The back end of this system is what makes it very successful. I couldn't asked for a better system, it's slick and it's very well thought through."

4.75 out of 5 stars (127 reviews)

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