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Hosting home buyer webinar is the best & most effective way to scale your real estate or mortgage business predictably. Get full 1-on-1 training via Zoom, Facebook ad templates, drip campaigns and webinar slideshow. 

Everything you need to start hosting webinars from the comfort of your own home. This is a blue-ocean strategy – unsaturated, and guaranteed to increase your business. It’s exactly like hosting a seminar; with ease, the fraction of the cost & 10x more people attending.

We partnered up with Brad Van De Walle to bring this to real estate agents across US & Canada. Watch the short video below.

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1-on-1 Training: This is not a video course. The entire training program is done one-on-one via Zoom with our marketing experts. The full system & advanced automation set up. Our trainers all have years of experience and have each helped produce over $50M in mortgages funded + real estate sales.

Entire Presentation Slideshow: Get our entire 40-slide presentation. The exact slideshow that goes over mortgage / real estate, ready to use for your attendees to learn.

Full Recordings of Successful Webinars: Get access to a catalog of successful webinars to mimic and enhance your own. Hours of webinar recordings!

High Converting Facebook Ads: Get our high-converting Facebook ads to have hundreds of home buyers sign up for your webinar. 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee: Your investment is 100% protected by our satisfaction guarantee.

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What you'll learn & receive in this 1-on-1 training program:

High-Converting Facebook Advertising

In this 1-on-1 lesson, we cover everything you need to know about how to leverage Facebook Ads to drive consistent traffic and leads to your webinar landing page. Receive our exact high-converting & battle-tested Facebook ads that have contributed to more than $1.7 billion in real estate / mortgage sales for our clients. (We were featured in the news for our incredible campaign strategy!)

Highly-Effective Drip Campaigns To Maximize Attendance Rate

In this  1-on-1 lesson, we be setting up the landing page, and automated drip campaigns in the form of SMS, Email & voicemails. Hundreds of leads will be sent reminders to increase the show up. We’ve rigorously tested every different sequence, reminder frequency, and effective voicemails drops at the perfect time of the day for highest open rate, to maximize the the attendance rate on the webinars.

Perfect Webinar Slideshow + Script + Recordings

In this section you not only will be given our exact high-converting slideshow, but a full script & access to a catalog of successful webinar recordings of our clients to watch and mimic. Don’t under-estimate this section. We give access to recordings of our clients who have produced millions strictly from their webinars.

The Ultimate Close: How to Convert Your Webinar Attendees Into Buyers Who Beg to Work With You.

We’ll give you the ultimate close formula to have attendees booking straight into your calendar, begging to work with you, after they just watched an incredible & very informative webinar. The show up rate on these appointments is 95%, with extremely high-intent.

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Now put it all together to build a Mortgage /Real Estate closing-machine.

We’ve done it hundreds of times over and over. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy. This is a 1-on-1 training program – we don’t believe in video courses. We pair you with 1 of our marketing experts for the entire training program via 1-on-1 Zoom calls. This is the fastest & most efficient way to learn and take action. We doing things differently versus the competitors. We care about the success of our clients and guarantee it.

A few reviews below from our incredible clients:

Brad B.

San diego, ca

Webinar sign ups
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Webinar attendees
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Webinar appointments
1 +

Philip R.

Houston, TX

Webinar sign ups
1 +
Webinar attendees
1 +
Webinar appointments
1 +

Dan M.

long island, ny.

Webinar Sign Ups
1 +
Webinar Attendees
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1 +

Jared S.

tampa, fl.

weekly sign ups
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Weekly attendees
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weekly appointments
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Frequently Asked Questions

The training program consists of one on one Zoom calls with one of our market experts, our entire library of Facebook ad templates for your webinars, webinar presentation slideshow, the CRM we utilize for automations, drip campaigns (SMS & Email) and premium support via Email & Zoom.

The average real estate / mortgage professional completes our webinar training program within 21 days. However, you are able to complete it sooner if you pre-schedule all your Zoom calls via Calendly.

We’ve gathered data on 250 webinars of which we’ve recently conducted, and the average number of attendees per webinar is 50, 13 appointments scheduled & 2-3 deals closed.

If you’re scaling your webinars and hosting one every week, that is 52 appointments in a single month, and 8-12 firm deals. 

Of course! We will provide you with successful webinar recordings of our other clients (who have given permission us to share it with you), so you can mimic a successful webinar. We will also attend your first live webinar with you, and give you detailed feedback on how to impove.

We’ve assessed 250 successful webinars, and we’ve concluded that a good webinar budget is between $300 – $500 depending on your area, it can be on the low end ($300) or the high end ($500).

We’ve assessed 250 webinars across our 42 of our clients North America, of which 625 deals were confirmed closed. We have detailed the conversions below:

  • 6 hosted webinars on average per client.
  • $397 ads spent per webinar.
  • 15 deals on average per client.
  • $5,962 average commission per deal.
  • $3,726,250 in tracked commissions (across 42 clients)
  • $88,720.24 average commission per client.
  • $2,382 average ad spend.
  • Average of 37.25x ROI on ad spend (not including training program fee)

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